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DSG's P4 Learning Lab

DSG's P4 Learning Lab
2023 P4 Session Fees

$999 - First-time Attendee
$699 - Returning Attendee
$499 - Additional Attendees

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What to bring to P4

Two days of intensive business training guaranteed to increase your profitability

P4 Learning Lab sessions are full of insightful presentations, hands-on workshops, and interactive discussions. Plus, you’ll walk away with $1,200 worth of free business-building materials. You will learn to:

  • Develop hourly rates that guarantee a profit.
  • Create month-by-month cash flow budgets and learn how to track your progress on a monthly basis.
  • Find out if Flat Rate Pricing is right for your company.
  • Develop the newest methods of collection while maintaining “happy” customers.
  • Create a service agreement program that takes your business to the next level.
  • Experiment with “what ifs” in order to maximize profits.
  • Learn from top contractors around the region through round table discussions.
You can’t afford to miss P4!

Before P4 is over, you’ll know your break-even rates, your projected monthly cash flow and exactly what is making you money in your business (and what’s not). Knowing any of these things will easily pay for the class many times over. But, if you feel that you haven’t gained the tools to increase profits, we’ll happily give you a full refund.

Does your business need a P4 Learning Lab?

Take a look below and decide for yourself. Attendees feel that P4 Learning Labs are worth every penny, and here are the results to prove it. Click on each image to enlarge.

Benefits of P4 Outweigh the Cost to Attend

Always a Reason to Attend DSG's P4 Learning Lab

Why You Should Attend DSG's P4 Learning Lab