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Support Services that Give You the Advantage
Successful projects demand more than just quality products. They require innovative support services that can help you and your team to work more productively. 

On-Site Trailers

Time is money, especially when you’re a contractor on a tight deadline. On-site trailers from DSG provide the parts and products you need – where you need them. No matter if you’re limited on inventory space or tired of sending productive crew members off-site to get more parts, an on-site trailer from DSG can: minimize project delays, provide easy access to inventory, improve productivity and keep inventory safer.

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Project Management

For a great many of our customers, projects are the lifeblood of their business. And we all know with costs so tight, the difference between a healthy project and one that’s disastrous can come down to a few things going right...or a few things going wrong. At DSG, we know projects. Because we’re involved with projects in the Plumbing, Automation, Electrical, Lighting, HVAC/R, Utility, Waterworks, and Communications industry segments, we’ve just flat out been involved with more different types of projects and project situations than anyone else you could work with.

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Lighting Design Capabilities / New Construction

Running a business efficiently is an essential step in running a business profitably. With our complimentary design layout capabilities, you can offer a way to save your customers time and money during new construction projects. Best of all, you’ll be able to satisfy the most common lighting demands, such as optimum energy efficiency, minimal maintenance, superior light quality, and aesthetic appeal.

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Energy Audits / Retrofit Projects

Our energy audits take a lot of the work out of bidding lighting retrofit projects. Best of all, this service is of no cost to you. With our energy audits, we can help you find ways to satisfy the most common lighting project demands, like improved energy efficiency; reduced maintenance costs; enhanced light quality and distribution; and rebates from utility providers.

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Colored Wire Distribution Center

When it comes to electrical wiring, DSG’s Distribution Center in St. Paul offers more than copper and aluminum color-coded wire. With more than 2,500 reels, labor-saving accessories and one of the fastest turnaround times in the business, we provide you with a complete wire-cutting solution that can provide everything from custom lengths to par reels (with any combination of colored wire).

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Barcode Advantage Program

Maintaining your product inventory takes time and energy. With our Barcode Advantage program, we can help to make your ordering faster and your inventory organization easier. Once we’ve assessed your needs, we customize a system of barcodes that – when used in combination with a user-friendly web app – allows you to reorder products by simply taking a photo of the barcode with your smartphone and entering a quantity that you want delivered.

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