Rory Troff to Lead DSG’s Communications Segment


Rory Troff has joined Dakota Supply Group (DSG) as Corporate Segment Manager for the company’s Communications/Broadband segment. Troff will be responsible for the business growth and development across DSG’s expanding footprint. In addition, he will work with supplier partners to ensure data contractors and broadband providers have the products and technology required for success in today’s world.

DSG Returns to Burnsville, MN with New Facility


Dakota Supply Group (DSG) has announced plans to open a new branch in Burnsville, Minnesota, in March 2022. It will be DSG’s thirteenth location in Minnesota and its 46th across six states.

DSG Acquires Montana Waterworks & Irrigation


Dakota Supply Group (DSG) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Montana Waterworks & Irrigation (MTWW) in an asset purchase effective September 1, 2021. Montana Waterworks is a leading waterworks distributor serving Eastern Montana from its Billings location. This will be DSG’s first waterworks location in the state.

DSG Plans a New Facility in Rogers, MN


Dakota Supply Group (DSG) has announced plans to open a new branch in Rogers, Minnesota, in December 2021. It will be DSG’s twelfth location in Minnesota and its 44th across six states.

Solve The Musical Mix-up Challenge And Win!


Wheelz has been rocking out with his new band The Suppliers. He loves music, so much so that he didn't realize that things got a little mixed up backstage at their latest gig at DSG. Can you help him sort things out? Have an adult help you download the game page and follow the instructions. Once you’re done, send us your completed game page, and we’ll mail you a cool prize! Visit www.dsgkidsclub.com to download the game page now.