Tom Podsiadlik Joins DSG in Michigan as Regional GM


Tom Podsiadlik has joined Dakota Supply Group (DSG) as the Regional General Manager in Michigan. Podsiadlik will be responsible for providing direct leadership for all seven branches in the Michigan region and the development of the regional management team. He will be based out of DSG’s office in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and be part of DSG’s leadership team.

Solve the Recipe Roundup Word Puzzles And Win!


Wheelz loves to bake, and he recently noticed how much recipes have in common with another hobby of his - word games! He’s got some word puzzles for you in our next contest. Visit www.dsgkidsclub.com to download the game page now.

Compete In The Shattered Safari Challenge And Win!


Wheelz loves old adventure movies and recently drew a picture combining this passion with his love for DSG. Unfortunately, a gust of wind swept it up into his paper shredder. He needs your help putting it back together. Visit www.dsgkidsclub.com to download the game page now.

Compete In The Winter Festival Find-Em All Challenge And Win!


Wheelz is inviting you to be a part of the Winter Festival in his hometown. Every year, the residents make small changes to the town and Wheelz has to find them. Do you want to join in the fun? Ask a grownup to download the game page for you and follow the instructions. Once you’re done, send us your completed game page, and we’ll mail you a cool prize! Visit www.dsgkidsclub.com to download the game page now.

Rory Troff to Lead DSG’s Communications Segment


Rory Troff has joined Dakota Supply Group (DSG) as Corporate Segment Manager for the company’s Communications/Broadband segment. Troff will be responsible for the business growth and development across DSG’s expanding footprint. In addition, he will work with supplier partners to ensure data contractors and broadband providers have the products and technology required for success in today’s world.