Square D™ QO™ QO3151021 Type QO Standard Miniature Circuit Breaker, 240 VAC, 15 A, 10 kA Interrupt, 3 Poles, Shunt/Thermal Magnetic Trip - 120374

Miniature Circuit Breakers
120374 MFG #: QO3151021
0.00000 / each

Square D™ QO™ Miniature Circuit Breaker, Type QO Standard, 240 VAC, 15 A, 50/60 Hz Frequency, 10 kA Interrupt, Shunt/Thermal Magnetic Trip, 3 Pole, 3 ph, Pressure Plate Connection, 14 to 8 AWG Wire, Plug-In Mounting, 40 deg C, 2.91 in L x 3 in W x 3 in H Dimensions, Fiberglass Filled Thermoset
  • Features
  • Designed for superior safety, quality and reliability
  • Engineered with the quality and craftsmanship that have made Square D™ the preferred brand of electrician and homeowners
  • First and only offer in the market to put the game changing Visi-Trip™ on all the circuit breakers for easy trip detection
  • Saves space - compact 3/4 in W design for small system footprint
  • Faster installation - fewer connections
  • Frees gutter space - no pigtails with the innovative plug-on neutral design
  • Easier troubleshooting time saver diagnostics provide additional circuit information at the touch of a button