Punchmaster™ II Impact Punchdown Tool - 15221

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15221 MFG #: 35-485
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The Punchmaster™ II Punchdown tool is a professional grade tool used for terminating voice and data conductors to related networking and telecommunications equipment. The 35-485 includes both 110 (networking/data) and 66 (telecommunications/voice) blades. Other blade types are available separately.The tool features an impact style design where a spring loaded internal mechanism helps to deliver a surge of additional force to seat and cut conductors with less input from the user. Users can select either the HI or LO setting on the tool. The LO setting is used for terminating to more sensitive equipment, such as posts attached to circuit boards. The HI setting delivers more of a punch and offers better seating and cutting characteristics.A spare 110 or 66 blade can be stored in the top of the tool. Blades are released by pressing the blade release button and turning the tool upside down.The Turn-Lock™ Style blade system keeps the blades oriented properly and secure within the tool. Turn-Lock™ always aligns the cutting side of the blade with the orange half of the tool, so it is easy to identify the cut side of the tool on a job.Blades can be used to seat and cut Cat 3/5e/6/6A conductors and multi-pair telephone wires.

  • Features
    • Includes both 110 and 66 full blades – 110 (cut/no-cut), 66 (cut/no cut)
    • Spring loaded impact style termination seats and cuts wires with less effort
    • Cushioned end cap and body grip helps to absorb impact forces and reduces operator fatigue
    • Adjustable high/low actuation setting accommodates termination requirements and user preference
    • Turn-Lock™ Style blade holding design keeps blade aligned and secure in the tool
    • Includes both 110 and 66 full blades – 110 (cut/no-cut), 66(cut/no cut)