• Features
  • Specifications
  • Residue Free

    • The boiling point of Pro-Flush™ is low enough that after cleaning the refrigerant line, most material boils off at atmospheric pressure, leaving no residue. Once the system is reconnected and sealed, the vacuum drawn on the system definitely removes any remaining liquid. Non solvent based products are typically not fully removable from the refrigerant, leaving contaminating residue behind.

    Free of Hazardous Materials

    • Pro-Flush™ is safe to transport without fear of hazardous material.

    Usable in Lower Ambient Temperature

    • Pro-Flush™ is suitable for use in ambient temperatures below 60F. Competitors' prepackaged aerosol dispensers can not be used when the ambient temperature is less than 60F.


    • Pro-Flush™ is a safe, non-toxic, and residue free product. In addition, Pro-Flush™ meets EPA's Significant New Alternatives Program (SNAP) standards.

    Thoroughly Cleans the Refrigerant Line

    • When replacing cooling equipment, the refrigerant line should always be cleaned. Whether the system is a refrigerant upgrade or not. The old system failed for some reason, and there is likely foreign material in the refrigerant line. The only method to assure the line is clean is to use a solvent based cleaner.

    Complete Kit

    • The Pro-Flush™ Kit includes a resusable tank with a pressure relief valve for added safety, a hose, and an injector trigger nozzle.

    Reusable Injector Tank

    • Since the Pro-Flush™ injector tank is reusable, customers can save money by only having to refill the can instead of purchasing a new tank. Pre-charged cans include refrigerant propellants which are more expensive to use than nitrogen. Since the solvent has a trigger assembly that allows for infinite control of the dosage, more economical use is ensured. In addition, using nitrogen as a propellant is less expensive and more environmentally friendly than using harmful greenhouse gases.
    • Available as a kit or in an 8 or 16 oz. solvent refill. The kit makes servicing quick, easy, and safe, as well as assuring you get to the job site with all necessary hardware in hand for 1-stop servicing. The kit includes: 8 oz. container of Pro-Flush™ solvent, refillable Pro¬Flush™ injector tool pressure tank, pressure relief valve for added safety, large rubber adapter that flushes up to 1-1/4” line sets, service hose.
    • A flushing solvent for A/C and refrigeration systems formulated for R-410A retrofits, refrigerant conversions and compressor burnouts. Compatible with all refrigerants and compressor oils. All solvents in Pro-Flush™ are non-VOC and conform to EPA SNAP standards: low toxicity and residue-free.

    Pressure relief valve

    • The Pro-Flush™ Injector includes a pressure relief valve that opens at 200psi, preventing dangerous over pressurization of the injector.

    Flash Point

    • The Pro-Flush™ comes equipped with a non-boiling flashpoint that heats no higher than 106°F (46°C).

Packaging Metrics

  • Sell Units per Pallet: 264
  • Pallet Weight: 688 Lbs.
  • Pallet Depth: 48 In.
  • Pallet Height: 60 In.
  • Pallet Width: 40 In.
  • Pallet UPC/SCC: 50095247128957
  • Sell Units per Case: 3
  • Case Weight: 9.76 Lbs.
  • Case Depth: 13.75 In.
  • Case Height: 13.2 In.
  • Case Width: 11 In.
  • Case UPC/SCC: 30095247128953
  • Weight: 3.25 Lbs.
  • Depth: 3.6 In.
  • Height: 12 In.
  • Width: 6.75 In.

Custom Tariff Classification

  • NAFTA Producer Index: Y
  • NAFTA Preference Criterion: C
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • HS Code: 3814.00.5090