Square D™ Wiser Energy™ WISEREMPV Monitor Unit, IPx0 Degree of Protection - 59066

Wireless Monitoring System Accessories
0.00000 / each

Square D™ Wiser Energy™ Monitor Unit, Specifications: IPx0 Degree of Protection, 5.4 in W x 1.3 in D x 2.6 in H Dimensions
  • Features
  • Easy to use intuitive mobile app
  • Always learning and self-identifies devices in your home
  • Set custom alerts for devices in your homes such as garage door opens, the sump pump turns on or when the dryer's done
  • Displays energy consumption by appliance refrigerator or outdoor pool pump, air conditioning or hot water heater
  • 24/7 real time view of energy consumption or production (solar)
  • Set budgets to manage your energy expenditures before you get a bill