State Industries ProLine® 100191339 250 Commercial-Grade Gas Water Heater With Insulation Blanket, 60000 Btu/hr Heating, 50 gal Tank, Natural Gas Fuel, Atmospheric Vent, 65 gph at 90 deg F Rise Recovery, Tall - 383471

Residential Gas Tank Water Heaters
383471 MFG #: 100191339
0.00000 / each

State Industries ProLine® Gas Water Heater, Commercial-Grade, Series: 250, 60000 Btu/hr Heating, Natural Gas Fuel, 1/2 in Gas Connection, 50 gal Tank, Piezo Pushbutton Ignition, Atmospheric Vent, 4 in Vent, 65 gph at 90 deg F Rise Recovery Rate, 0.61, CoreGard™ Sacrificial Anode Rod Heating Element, 3/4 in NPT Water Connection, 150 psi Pressure, 120 to 140 deg F, Tall or Short: Tall, Ultra Low NOx: No, Blue Diamond® Glass Coated, 22 in Dia x 65-1/2 in H Dimensions
  • Features
  • This ProLine® residential Gas Water Heater feature an internal microprocessor that provide enhanced operating parameter and tighter differential for precise sensing and faster heating response to optimize performance
  • Green Choice™ enhanced Ultra-Low NOx burner reduce NOx emission by up to 33%
  • self-cleaning dip tube help reduce lime and sediment buildup and maximize hot water output and is made from long lasting PEX cross linked polymer
  • CoreGard™ anode rod have a stainless steel core that extend the life of the anode rod allowing superior tank protection far longer than standard anode rod
  • Push button piezo ignitor make lighting the pilot fast and easy with one hand push button spark ignition
  • Blue Diamond® glass coating provides superior corrosion resistance compared to industry standard glass lining
  • Aluminum anode rod