Ultra-Zone™ UZC-6 Universal Zone Control System, 24 VAC, 19-7/8 in H, Domestic - 263804

Zoning Control Panels
263804 MFG #: UZC-6
0.00000 / each

Ultra-Zone™ Universal Zone Control System, Series: UZC, 24 VAC, 19-7/8 in Height, 10 in Width, 1.7 in D, 2-Cool/4-Heat Stages, LED, 6 Zones, For Use with: EWC Models URD, ND, RSD and SID Damper and Two-Stage Heat/Cool Thermostat, Domestic
  • Features
  • Automatic changeover from any zone
  • Fan control from any zone
  • Use virtually any four wire or multi-stage thermostat
  • Controls up to 20 zones
  • LED display for complete system readout
  • Fire alarm interlock feature
  • Fixed opposing mode timer
  • Integrated supply and return air sensor to protect the equipment
  • Adjustable timer for second, third, and fourth stage heat and cool operations
  • Adjustable fan purge timer, 50% rule
  • Demand based ventilation feature
  • Electronic bypass damper interface achieves latent cooling and quiet mode start up
  • Adjustable supply air sensor prevents over heating or cooling
  • Adjustable heat differential potentiometer allows the SAS to be mounted in any location
  • One zone feature allows one thermostat to control multiple zones for set back
  • Computer watchdog circuitry prevents lock-ups from power failures and power interruptions
  • Manual and automatic thermal circuit breakers protects the UZC from wiring shorts
  • Dehumidify or humidify interface: auxiliary contacts to help increase comfort operations
  • Return air monitoring: Enhanced HVAC energy savings
  • Variable speed interface: Slows down fan speed if less than 25 percent of zones are calling