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DSG established the DSG Education Connection Fund in 2009 to provide scholarships for those who wish to join the trade industries. Since then, the DSG Education Connection Fund has awarded 125 scholarships totaling over $125,000 to students finding their careers in the trades. It’s easy to apply, and it may just give you the head start you need. Learn more about available scholarships and how to donate to the DSG Education Connection Fund using the links below.

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Scholarship Application  - Deadline April 5

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No matter what your relationship is to the trades, supporting these industries is now more important than ever. It’s an unfortunate fact that presently young people (and their parents) rarely list the trade professions at the top of their career choices. Your contributions can make a difference.

DSG would like to thank you in advance for your contribution to helping us build a future for all of us. Just by looking at this website, you’re helping to raise awareness of the shortage of tradespeople and elevate the status of a career in these professions.

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