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    • The adorne 18" Modular Track must be installed with an adorne Control Box. Shop the adorne collection to explore options.
    • Tracks plug seamlessly together for easy installation.
    • The adorne 18" Modular Track is mounted to the wall underneath kitchen cabinets. All required hardware is provided.
    • Time to Install: 30 minutes or less.


    • Perfect for eliminating countertop clutter and creating a more functional kitchen counter space. An under-cabinet base that allows you to add or change out modules with ease.The Modular Track comes in three different lengths that plug together end-to-end, allowing you to create an under-cabinet system custom-designed for your kitchen.Powered by one of our Control Boxes, the 18" Modular Track includes one blank module and one outlet module and can support up to two Linear LED Lights. Module options include standard and USB outlets, our digital music kit and smart device cradles to eliminate countertop clutter. Tamper-resistant outlets feature patented shutter-system, keeping children safe by preventing them from pushing small objects into the outlets.Features a sleek, titanium finish.

General Info

  • Color: Titanium

Listing Agencies/Third Party Certifications

  • ETL Listed: Yes