(Crimp) QickSert Polymer Tee - 1-1/4-Inch Barb x 1-1/4-Inch Barb x 1-1/4-Inch Barb - 87384

87384 MFG #: QQPT666X
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The 1-1/4-inch x 1-1/4-inch x 1-1/4-inch QickSert tee offers contractors labor savings and flexibility, making it ideal for commercial or residential projects. The polymer construction provides protection against corrosion, chemicals and chlorine. Immediately full strength upon installation, the fitting delivers dependability and peace of mind for building owners. Extreme temperature and pressure resistant materials allows the fitting to adapt aggressive water environments with PEX systems.

  • Features
    • High-temp and freeze-resistant materials adapt to both hot and cold water applications for PEX systems
    • Durable polymer material provides corrosion and chemical/chlorine resistance, ideal for aggressive water environments
    • High strength design allows for longest UV exposure of up to 6-months without degradation, and over 700 lbs of pressure before failure
    • Versatile design works with existing PEX systems and crimp fittings
    • Pressure ratings of up to 80 PSI at 200 degrees Fahrenheit handles the high demand of commercial usage
    • NSF 61 certified
    • ANSI certified
    • 25-year warranty proven to last the lifetime of the building