1 In Pressure Vacuum Breaker Total Repair Kit - 57883

57883 MFG #: RK 800M4-T 1
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This 1 IN 800M4 total repair kit provides all the parts necessary to repair the major internal components of the applicable pressure vacuum breaker assembly. This kit consists of check valve repair kit, vent float repair kit, bonnet assembly repair kit, and seat repair kit. All parts are genuine and

  • Features
  • Specifications
    • All parts are made of high quality materials
    • Factory replacement kit
    • Genuine and original Watts parts
    • No special tools required for servicing
  • Series: RK-800M4
  • ProductsUsedOnSize: 1 IN
  • Products Used On: LF800M4, 800M4
  • Part Number: 0887728
  • Model Number: RK 800M4-T 1
  • Lead Free: Yes
  • Kit Type: Repair Kit
  • Kit Contents: Check Valve Repair Kit, Vent Float Repair Kit, Bonnet Assembly Repair Kit And Seat Repair Kit
  • Brand Name: Watts
  • ADA Compliant: N