1 1/2 In Lead Free Brass High Capacity Water Pressure Reducing Valve, FNPT Inlet and Outlet - 33938

33938 MFG #: LF223 1 1/2
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This 1 1/2 inch high capacity lead free water pressure reducing valve is commonly installed at the meter in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It is designed to control the water pressure flowing to all the appliances and outlets within the building and provides an inexpensive means of supplying lower, more functional water pressure to outlets and appliances. It features a lead free brass body construction, NPT threaded female inlet and outlet connections, high temperature resisting enlarged diaphragm for hot or cold temperatures, a sealed spring cage and seat orifice for high capacity performance. This valve can be used for accessible outdoor waterworks or pit installations. The adjustable reduced pressure range is 25 to 75 psi (172 to 517 kPa).

  • Features
    • Disc holder removable for replacement of disc without dismantling the valve, no special tools are required
    • IAPMO Listed
    • Lead free brass body construction
    • Sensitive spring and large diaphragm for accurate pressure control
    • Sealed spring cage
    • Serviceable in line
    • NPT threaded female inlet by NPT threaded female outlet connections
    • High temperature resisting diaphragm for hot or cold water
    • Enlarged diaphragm, spring cage and seat orifice for high capacity performance