Ty-Duct® TY15X15WPG6 Slotted Wall Wiring Duct, Wide Slot, 1-1/2 in W x 1-1/2 in D, PVC - 67746

Slotted Wall Wiring Ducts
67746 MFG #: TY15X15WPG6
0.00000 / each

Ty-Duct® Slotted Wall Wiring Duct, 1-1/2 in Width, 1-1/2 in Depth, 6 ft Length, Wide Slot, PVC, Gray
  • Features
  • Wide fingers and slots increase rigidity and enable insertion of bundles
  • V-Shaped slot lead-in enables easier and faster wire installation
  • Rounded edges keep hands and wires free of abrasion
  • UL flammability rating of V-0
  • UL94 recognized for use in temperatures up to 50 deg C
  • Economical wiring duct material
  • Non-slip cover does not slide easily and resists vibration
  • Flush cover attaches flush with sidewall for finished look
  • Dual score lines are designed to yield clean breakoffs at the base of the slot and the duct
  • Versatile North American and DIN Standard mounding holes enable same duct for multiple applications
  • External dimension: 1-3/4 in W x 1.6 in D