Tomahawk FinishLine™ 832-4HSR Adjustable Floor Drain With Round Ring and Strainer, 4 in Outlet, Hub Connection, PVC Drain - 242185

242185 MFG #: 832-4HSR
0.00000 / each

Tomahawk FinishLine™ Floor Drain, Adjustable, Series: 832, 4 in Outlet, Hub, PVC Drain, 6-1/2 in Dia

  • Features
    • Adjustable after the pour
    • ABS/PVC base adapter, ABS coring sleeve, head adapter and poly coring plug
    • Nickel bronze and stainless steel strainers for use in pedestrian traffic areas
    • Adjustable floor drain shall be used where necessary in drainage systems
    • 1000 lb light duty, heel-proof strainer load
    • 13.4 sq-in strainer free area
    • 304 stainless steel round ring and strainer