Tomahawk 695-ER20 20-Port Electronic Trap Primer With Single Manifold, Female C x Compression Connection, Steel, Domestic - 344881

Trap Primers
344881 MFG #: 695-ER20
0.00000 / each

Tomahawk Electronic Trap Primer, 20-Port, Series: 695, Female C x Compression, Steel, Galvanized, Domestic
  • Features
  • Service multiple traps with a single primer
  • Perfect for utility room installation and easy access to supply lines
  • Complete with Mini-Resterâ„¢, shutoff, vacuum breaker and solenoid
  • Made in the USA
  • Stainless steel, EPDM O-Ring, plastic piston, dow 111 lubricant arrester
  • Type L copper distribution manifold
  • Brass outlet
  • Plastic housing, brass components solenoid
  • Brass vacuum breaker
  • 9.2 W at 60 hz, 120VAC, 300 ft maximum electrical supply, 18 ga minimum wire, 3 A circuit breaker
  • 14 in H x 30 in W x 3 in D recessed box cabinet unit
  • Recessed box