Titan® CV50DBM0800 Model CV50-DI-B Center Guided Globe Silent Check Valve, 8 in, Flat Face Flanged, 150 lb, Ductile Iron Body - 280467

280467 MFG #: CV50DBM0800
0.00000 / each

Titan® Silent Check Valve, Center Guided Globe, Series: Model CV50-DI-B, 8 in Nominal Size, Flat Face Flanged, 250 psi WOG, 150 lb, 100 deg F, 13-1/2 in Inlet to Outlet Length, Ductile Iron Body, Aluminum Bronze/Stainless Steel Trim, Softgoods: Non-Asbestos Gasket, Epoxy Painted, 15.84 in Dia

  • Features
    • Designed for long service life - Newly designed CV50's have straightening vanes that reduce turbulence in incoming flow, thus minimizing noise, vibrations, erosion, cavitations and other factors that could result in premature valve failure
    • Head loss is minimized by the integral straightening vanes that help create laminar flow
    • A large cross-sectional area also lessens pressure drop across the check valve, unlike typical conical spring constructions that restrict flow
    • The new CV50 has a compression spring coupled with a small stem guide that allows for an unobstructed flow path
    • Quick closure to reduce water hammer - Silent shut-off is achieved via the fully automatic, spring assisted disc that closes near zero flow velocity
    • The lightweight, center guided disc design creates a positive shutoff prior to flow reversal and helps to keep slamming and surges to a minimum
    • Additionally, the low cracking pressure of the CV50 reduces the amount of energy required to open the valve
    • Metal-to-metal seats - Precision machined sealing surfaces allow the CV50-DI to maintain a tight seal that meets or exceeds API 598 leakage requirements
    • Versatile and economic design - Clearance within the CV50's body allows a butterfly valve to be installed directly on the outlet side of the valve without extra piping
    • Exotic spring material, such as monel or inconel 750-X, can easily be substituted for the standard stainless steel