PVFTG 4X3 Base Spacer - 150233

Wire, Cable & Conduit
150233 MFG #: S288NLN
0.00000 /

4 inch x 3 inch Snap-Loc non-metallic base spacer.

  • Features
    • Snap-Loc Spacers provide a side dovetail rail-and-groove design enabling side-by-side interchangeability of conduit spacer sizes while maintaining horizontal stability.
    • 1 in. and 2 in. Snap-Loc reducers enable fixturing of 1 in. or 2 in. conduit inside larger spacers.
    • Snap-Loc rebar holder provides stabilization on large banks of spacers.
    • The locking keyways provide for the use of a beaded strap that secures the top section of the conduit.
    • Locking keyways incorporated into intermediate spacers eliminate the need for costly top spacers in each size.