TPC Wire & Cable 84300 3-Pole Type SJOO Quick-Connect Receptacle With 12 in Pigtail, 600 VAC, Male Slot End - 254078

Quick Connect Plugs & Receptacles
254078 MFG #: 84300
0.00000 / each

TPC Wire & Cable Quick-Connect Receptacle, 3-Pole Type SJOO, 600 VAC, Male Slot End, Polyethylene, 1.225 in H x 1.125 in W x 1.07 in D
  • Features
  • Receptacle inserts are specially compounded, thermoset elastomer - provides long flex life, resists heat and oil deterioration
  • Molded and keyed, vulcanized thermoset assembly - provides rapid and secure connect and disconnect, ensures a water, oil and dust tight seal
  • Hard coated mil spec. anodized aluminum receptacle shell - resists corrosion, provides quick and secure assembly
  • Solid brass contact pins are Nickel-coated and gold plated, machine crimped to conductors - provides long life, resists corrosion, easy positive engagement
  • Unique stainless sleeve over the gold plated female pins - prevents pin deformation resulting in loss of signal and electrical continuity
  • Superior performance in high vibration and continuous motion environments
  • Probe proof
  • Extra long grounding pin - ensures first-in, last-out contact for safety
  • Fluoroelastomer sealing o-ring and Lock-Nut - seals out oil, chemicals and other contaminants
  • 16 AWG stranded, tinned copper pigtails insulated with 125 deg C cross linked polyethylene - provides excellent oil and heat resistance