Square D™ Square-Duct™ RDB125 Type RDB Raintight Wireway Trough, 5 ft L x 12 in W x 12 in H, Iceproof/Rainproof/Removable/Sealable/Sleet Proof Cover, 14 ga Steel/Polyester - 119944

Wireway Troughs & Gutters
119944 MFG #: RDB125
0.00000 / each

Square D™ Square-Duct™ Wireway Trough, Type RDB Raintight, 5 ft Length, 12 in Width, 12 in Height, Iceproof/Rainproof/Removable/Sealable/Sleet Proof Cover, NEMA 3R NEMA Rating, 14 ga Steel/Polyester, Gray, Powder Coated
  • Features
  • Drip shield top and seam-free sides, front and back that protect from rain, snow or sleet
  • Slip-on removable cover fastened with captivate, plated steel screws along bottom edge
  • Embossed mounting holes on back of enclosure
  • Provision for padlocking
  • No gasketing or knockout
  • Removable cover with provisions for sealing