QOM2 Circuit Breaker Enclosure, 2P, Type 1, Surface Mount, 100-225A, CSA, UL - 12657

Electrical & Utility
12657 MFG #: QOM22225NS
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QO and QOB one, two and three pole thermal magnetic circuit breakers provide overcurrent protection and switching on ac and dc systems. These circuit breakers have an overcenter, trip-free toggle mechanism with quick-make, quickbreak action and positive handle indication They also have VisiTrip trip indication, which provides a visual indication that the circuit breaker has tripped and interrupted the circuit. This mini circuit breaker accessory is NEMA 1 enclosure for QOM2 breakers. This accessory is rated for 100-225A, 2 pole, 240VAC and is surface mounted. This product complys to UL & CSA stadnards.

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