QOM2 Circuit Breaker Enclosure, 2P, Type 3R, 100-225A, CSA, UL - 12663

Electrical & Utility
12663 MFG #: QOM22225NRB
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QO and QOB one, two and three pole thermal magnetic circuit breakers provide overcurrent protection and switching on ac and dc systems. These circuit breakers have an overcenter, trip-free toggle mechanism with quick-make, quickbreak action and positive handle indication They also have VisiTrip trip indication, which provides a visual indication that the circuit breaker has tripped and interrupted the circuit. This mini circuit breaker accessory is NEMA 3R enclosure for QOM2 breakers. This accessory is rated for 100 to 225A, 2 pole, and 240VAC. This product complys to UL & CSA stadnards.

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