PowerPact Q Breaker Enclosure, 2P, 3P, Type 3R, 100-225A, UL - 5379

Electrical & Utility
5379 MFG #: Q23225NRB
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The PowerPact® Q-frame line of circuit breakers include QB, QD, QG and QJ molded case circuit breakers and QB automatic switches. They are rated 240 Vac, 250 A max. and are available in lug or bus-connected unit-mount constructions, or I-Line® group-mounted construction. PowerPact Q-frame circuit breakers are rated for 240 Vac (208Y/120 Vac for 3-pole 100 kA) and are available with UL® Listed interruption ratings from 10 kA to 100 kA. Unit-mount circuit breakers are available with lugs on both ends for cabled applications or with mounting studs for bus-mounted applications. These circuit breakers may be mounted in individual enclosures, metering devices, panelboards or switchboards. The I-Line circuit breakers are specifically designed for use in I-Line panelboards and switchboards. The PowerPact Q-frame circuit breaker is a direct replacement for the Q2 Series device. This PowerPact Q, Molded Case Circuit Breaker Enclosure, 2P, 3P, 100-200A, Type 3R, enclosure is made of steel. This enclosure complies to UL & CSA standards. The dimensions are 594 mm (H,)194 mm (W),121 mm (D).