NQNF, enclosure cover, type 1, surface, ventilated, 20 x 74 in - 72690

Electrical & Utility
72690 MFG #: NC74VS
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NQ and NF Panelboards are versatile panelboards that feature a wide selection of circuit breakers, accessories, and ready to install kits. NQ and NF Panelboards provide 200% rated neutrals for non-linear loads. NQ and NF Panelboards are convertible from main lug to main breaker. NQ and NF Panelboards have many different options for your enclosure cover. This cover is rated for a flush type 1 enclosure. The dimensions for this enclosure cover are 20 x 74 inches. NQ and NF Panelboard interiors are field convertible to top or bottom feed. NQ and NF Panelboards are suitable for use as service equipment.