TeSys F Contactors Spare Parts - LX9FF500 - 73714

73714 MFG #: LX9FF500
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TeSys F offers high reliability with a long mechanical and electrical life and the most complete line of accessories in the industry.

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    • TeSys F contactors are available for the USA market for inductive motor applications from 115 up to 800 full-load amps and resistive loads up to 2100 amps. They offer motor control and overload protection for motors rated up to 800 HP at 480 Vac or 900 HP at 600 Vac.
    • 2 pole, 3 pole and 4 pole Contactors and Magnetic Latching Contactors
    • AC or DC operating coils
    • Includes UL listing, CSA Certification and CE mark
    • Both North American and international terminal markings
    • Replacement parts available
    • Easily installed accessories
    • Solid State Overload Relays Class 10 or class 20 overload relays are available from 30 to 630 Amperes. They are ambient compensated and include single phase sensitivity for phase unbalance and phase loss protection. They also include the following features: