Pre-wired auxiliary contact, ComPact NSXm, circuit breaker status OF, AWG18 wire 1 m long, 1 changeover contact type - 71569

Electrical & Utility
71569 MFG #: LV426951
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It is a pre-wired auxiliary contact that provides remote information of the circuit breaker status. It is used on Compact NSXm and PowerPact B devices. OF contact indicates the position of the circuit breaker (open/closed). This auxiliary is a common point changeover type contact with 1 normally open contact and 1 normally closed contact. The rated current is 5A and the minimum load is 2mA at 17 VDC. Utilization categories are AC12/AC13/DC12/DC13/DC14. Compact NSXm embeds 2 auxiliary contacts and their presence is visible on the front face through green flags. It complies with IEC 60947-5-1 standard.