Pre-wired MN undervoltage release, ComPact NSXm, rated voltage 380/415 VAC 50Hz - 73594

Electrical & Utility
73594 MFG #: LV426826
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This pre-wired MN undervoltage release is used on Compact NSXm and PowerPact B devices. This auxiliary is used for emergency off or failsafe remote tripping applications. It is a one click spring type auxiliary for quick and easy installation, visible from the front face of the device. This MN auxiliary has a 380/415 VAC 50 Hz rated voltage. It trips the circuit breaker when the control voltage drops below 35% of its rated value. It complies with IEC 60947-2 standard. Compact NSXm and PowerPact B embed either 1 MN or 1 MX coil.