Distribution panel, QO, for I-Line panelboards, 240 V, 30A, 2 pole - 89568

Electrical & Utility
89568 MFG #: HQO206AC
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I-Line power distribution panelboards are ideal for service entrance equipment or downstream distribution panels in the electrical system of a large commercial or industrial facility. The I-Line power distribution panelboard has a circuit breaker engagement system and is used to feed NQ and NF panelboards. I-Line panelboards are capable of feeding large motor loads and are utilized in most every market segment. This QO distribution panel only mounts in HCM, HCP, HCP-SU or HCR-U I-Line panelboards. This QO distribution will accept up to six 30A single pole QO circuit breakers. This panel has a 240 VAC maximum rating. Panel provides 25 kA breaking capacity. It has an AC phase connection. The panel will accept 14 AWG or 12 AWG copper or aluminum wire.

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