Tower Light and Beacons, clear incandescent bulb, BA15d, 24 V, 7 W - 67439

Voice, Data, Video & Security
67439 MFG #: DL1BEB
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Harmony XVB 70 mm modular beacons and tower lights are available with steady or flashing lights, and with incandescent or LED illumination. The XVB 70mm tower light range is modular line makes assembly simple which minimizes installation time. There are 5 illuminated units and an audible unit that are simple interchangeable units. The LEDs have a service life of 100,000 hours which reduces the need for maintenance. The wide variety of modules simplifies designing a tower light to meet your requirements. Harmony XVB 70 mm tower lights can be used in automotive, machine tool, material handling, packaging, assembly stations, conveyors and more. It weighs 90g. It is compatible with Harmony XVD, Harmony XVP, and Harmony XVB. It is sold in lots of 10.