processor module M340, max 1024 discrete and 256 analog I/O, Modbus, Ethernet - 29477

Automation & Industrial Controls
29477 MFG #: BMXP342020
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This performance processor module is part of the Modicon M340 range, an offer of Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC). It enables 4 racks maximum, 1024 I/O and its memory capacity is equal to 4096 KB. It has on its front panel a safety screw for locking the module in its slot, a display block comprising 8 LEDs, a mini B USB connector for a programming terminal, a slot equipped with its flash memory card. It also has a RJ45 connector for connection to the Ethernet Modbus/TCP network and an RJ45 connector for the Modbus serial link or character mode link (RS 232C/RS 485, 2-wire, non-isolated). This processor is supplied as standard with an SD (Secure Digital) type flash memory card intended for backing up the two memory areas on the processor module internal RAM, program, symbols and comments area, and constants area. The data is backed up automatically by duplication, when the PLC is turned off. Likewise, the restoration of the data is transparent for the user, on return of power. It weighs 0.205kg. This processor module is compatible with Modicon M340 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). It is delivered in 2 packages (PCE and SO2 types). Compact-shaped, Modicon M340 offers in small box flexibility and integrated functions. In the heart of process, it provides you plug and work solutions with both Schneider Electric and third party devices.