Overload Relay, Motor Logic, solid state, lug extender kit - 105774

Automation & Industrial Controls
105774 MFG #: 9999LB0
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Motor Logic solid state overload relays are designed to protect 50/60 Hz, 3 phase AC motors from overload, phase unbalance, and phase loss conditions. The 9999LB0 lug extender kit is designed for retrofit NEMA Type S motor starter applications. This kit allows the lugs to be in the same location as for the 9065 melting alloy overload relay, eliminating the need for additional wire length. Lugs are used on 9065SS or SF solid state overload relays. These SSOLR are used on NEMA Size 00, 0 or 1 NEMA Type S motor starters. Kit is UL Listed and CSA certified.

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