Overload Relay, Motor Logic, solid state overload relay, NEMA Size 4, 3 pole, 45A to 135A, 600VAC, separate mount - 72311

Automation & Industrial Controls
72311 MFG #: 9065SF420
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Motor Logic overload relays can be stand alone devices or can be used on Type S full voltage non-reversing and reversing starters and combination starters. Motor Logic relays are ambient insensitive and self powered. Designed to protect 50/60 Hz, three phase AC motors from overloads, phase unbalance and phase loss conditions. This overload relay is immune to harmonics in the line. Switch selectable trip class. The trip free operation will help the motor from overheating. The visible trip indicator and trip test function make trouble shooting much quicker. Electrical remote reset is available. Maximum voltage rating of 600 V. Separate mount overload relays are UL listed and CSA certified. Electrical remote reset is available. This overload relay is 5.92 inches tall, 5.33 inches wide and 4.53 inches deep. Relay weighs 4.53 lbs. Motor Logic SSOLR are UL listed and CSA certified.

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