pump or compressor switch, 9013GHG, adjustable differential, 145 to 175 psi - 10450

Automation & Industrial Controls
10450 MFG #: 9013GHG2J63
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This product is part of the Nema Pressure Switches range, an offer of pump or compressor switches. This pump or compressor switch has 2 normally closed, snap action, DPST-DB (double pole single throw, double break) form YY contacts and pressure setting value of 145psi to 175psi. The pressure switch with a pressure sensor size of 200psi (40psi to 170psi), an adjustable range on rising pressure of 65psi to 200psi and approximate adjustable differential of 20psi to 40psi. It is furnished with screw clamp terminals for electrical connection and 0.25inch NPSF internal for fluid connection. This switch has a diaphragm actuator which can be operated from any position and adjustable differential scale for internal settings. The enclosure is made of polypropylene. It is available in size of 3.44inch (W) x 3.88inch (D) x 5.4inch (H) and weighs 2.25lb. It is suitable for pressure controlling or monitoring of water pumps, compressors, agricultural/irrigation water systems, moulding presses, injection moulders, grinding machines, machining centres, complex and special machines. It is an IP20 and NEMA 1 rated product. This product is certified by CE, CSA and UL. Meets UL 508 and NSF ANSI 372 standards. Every pressure switch has two operating points, one on rising pressure and one of falling pressure. The operating point on rising pressure is referred to as the TRIP POINT or cut out for pumps and compressors. Power pressure switch rated for the direct control of motors in pump and compressor applications. Rugged, robust construction provides a long life and years of uninterrupted, worry-free service. Electromechanical switch to monitor and control pressure conditions for industrial and end-users applications.