Pump Panel, NEMA Type S, Well Guard, oil field, Size 1, 27A, 10 HP, HLL36030M71 circuit breaker, melting alloy overload, 120 VAC 60 Hz coil, NEMA 3R - 53755

Automation & Industrial Controls
53755 MFG #: 8940XC4S2V02SY61
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Well-Guard pumping plant panels are designed for pumping applications. This panel is specifically designed for oil field applications. These panels provide extra space for field installation of auxiliary equipment. These panels us Type S non-reversing magnetic starters. Panel has a HLL36030M71 circuit breaker. This panel has a 3 pole NEMA Size 1 starter that has a 27 ampere rating. This NEMA Size 1 starter has a maximum of 10 HP rating three phase. This non-reversing NEMA motor starter has a melting alloy type overload relay that uses Type B thermal units to sense over current conditions. The starters in these panels are available with a wide variety of replaceable coil voltages. The starter in this device has a 110/120 VAC 50/60 Hz operating coil wired for separate control. A painted sheet steel NEMA 3R rainproof slim line enclosure is used to protect this starter. Enclosure is 38.50 inches tall, 19.00 inches wide and 9.39 inches deep. A wide variety of accessories are available for Type S starters. This pump panel is supplied with a HAND/OFF/AUTO selector switch. These NEMA pump panels with Type S starters are UL listed and marked Suitable for use as Service Equipment. They are also CSA certified.

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