One-Bulb Heater/Fan, 250W Bulb, 70 CFM; Ventilation Fans - 38749

Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality
38749 MFG #: 9417DN
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Silent warmth and powerful ventilation. Bulb heaters are a great source for energy-saving warmth and instant comfort – without ever having to touch your central thermostat. Efficient blower wheels, along with polymeric dampers that prevent backdrafts and eliminate mechanical noise, are just two basic reasons why this bulb heater/fan can be the perfect answer for a smaller bath, and the perfect touch of warmth plus ventilation.

  • Features
    • 70CFM ventilation fan provides optimum performance in baths up to 65 square feet, so you can have a touch of heat just when you need it
    • 250-watt R40 or BR40 size infrared bulb (not included) is required to ensure the warmth you expect
    • 3.5 Sone sound level
    • Attractive white polymeric grille is a suitable match for any décor, no matter how many times you change the paint color
    • Compact steel housings with adjustable mounting brackets have keyhole slots that span up to 24”, making this a sure fit no matter what distance you find between joists, assisting ease of installation