Digital Multimeter, Manual-Ranging, 600V - 47961

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47961 MFG #: MM300
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Klein Tools MM300 is a manual ranging multimeter that measures AC/DC voltage, DC current, and resistance. It can also test batteries, diodes, and continuity. Klein Tools’ Test and Measurement product line was exclusively designed from the ground up by electricians for electricians. Years of field re

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    • Before each use verify meter operation by measuring a known voltage or current.
    • Do not use the meter during electrical storms or in wet weather, and do not use the meter or test leads if they appear to be damaged.
    • Read, understand and follow all instructions, cautions and warnings attached to and /or packed with all test and measurement devices before each use.
    • Do not attempt to measure resistance or continuity on live circuits.
    • Includes test leads and batteries
    • Low battery indicator and easily accessible battery compartment
    • CAT III 600V safety rating
    • For use in basic and controlled electromagnetic environments such as residential, business and light-industrial locations
    • Built to withstand a 3.3-foot (1m) drop and withstand daily wear and tear on the job site
    • Tests batteries, diodes and continuity
    • Measures up to 600V AC/DC voltage, 10A DC current and 2MΩ resistance
  • Standard: CAT III 600V; CE Certified
  • Ohms (Resistance): 20MO
  • Current: 10A DC
  • Voltage: 600V AC; 600 V DC
  • Functions: Measures up to 600V AC/DC voltage, 10A DC current and 2MΩ resistance. Tests batteries, diodes and continuity
  • Display: 2000 Count LCD
  • Drop Protection: 3.3 ft (1 m)
  • Batteries: 2 x AAA
  • Weight: 0.51 lb (0.23 kg)
  • Overall Width: 3.16'' (80.4 mm)
  • Overall Height: 1.78'' (45.2 mm)
  • Overall Length: 6.00'' (152.4 mm)
  • Included: Test Leads and Batteries