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  • Specifications
  • Multiple Packages/Forms

    • Triple-D® is availabe as a concentrated liquid, pre-diluted ready-to-use liquid, aerosol, and granular coil cleaner. Same product with many packaging solutions available.

    Cleans Indoor and Outdoor Coils

    • Triple-D® is a universal solution for condensers and evaporators. For evaporators, using 1:20 water/concentrate mix ratio also provides a no-rinse solution.

    Inhibited Non-Acid Formulation

    • Triple-D® contains a unique inhibitor that allows for a very strong non-acid formulation that effectively cleans coils.


    • Triple-D® is manufactured from chemicals that break down naturally in the environment. When a coil is cleaned, the rinse water is typically washed into the storm water.

    Prevents Coil Corrosion

    • The unique inhibitor of Triple-D® prevents the attack of aluminum coil components. This is more critical than ever with systems designed for R410A refrigerant. Conventional foaming acid coil cleaners actually attack and chemically react with the aluminum coil components, which is exhibited by a foaming action. The aluminum dissolves, destroying the heat transfer ability of the coil, creating the potential for refrigerant leaks. The specially engineered characteristics of Triple-D prevents corrosion and is non-foaming. This makes Triple-D the ideal cleaner for micro-channel coils and other sensitive equipment.

    NSF Registered

    • Triple-D® is NSF approved for facilities that requires designation.
    • As part of a broader solutuon for optimizing HVAC/R system performance, DiversiTech recommends using Triple-D or one of its other coil cleaners as the first step. For the second step, adding the new Boost Juice in can (993KIT) or Boost Juice Inject (992) will boost efficiency and amperage saving your customers money. Find out more about what Boost Juice can do in the Additives section under Maintenance Chemicals.
    • Triple-D® is the ultimate universal coil cleaner that effectively cleans condensers, evaporators, micro-channels, rubber roofs, and mini-split applications. The triple active synergistic detergent is formulated to remove a broad range of soils while degreasing and deodorizing. It is ideal for cleaning most metals including aluminum and copper while extending equipment life and diminishing the potential for refrigerant leaks. This is prevalent now more than ever with R410A systems. Using 75% less than comparable products, it reduces the amount of solution needed to clean.

    Universal Coil Cleaner

    • Triple-D® is all you need for most applications. By providing a one product solutlion for iindoor and outdoor coils plus engineered and rubber roofs, using Triple-D will reduce your inventory and eliminates the potential risk of using the wrong type of product on a system.

    More Economical

    • Triple-D® has a lower cost per mixed gallon against most coil cleaners. With a 6:1 dilution ratio, Triple-D has 7 gallons of usable product per gallon of concentrate.

    Compatible with Rubber Roofs

    • Triple-D® is compatible with engineered polymeric and rubber roofing.

Packaging Metrics

  • Sell Units per Pallet: 528
  • Pallet Weight: 1701 Lbs.
  • Pallet Depth: 40 In.
  • Pallet Height: 56 In.
  • Pallet Width: 48 In.
  • Pallet UPC/SCC: 50095247141819
  • Sell Units per Case: 12
  • Case Weight: 37.75 Lbs.
  • Case Depth: 12.75 In.
  • Case Height: 12.75 In.
  • Case Width: 12.75 In.
  • Case UPC/SCC: 30095247141815
  • Weight: 3 Lbs.
  • Depth: 3.5 In.
  • Height: 12 In.
  • Width: 3.5 In.

Custom Tariff Classification

  • NAFTA Producer Index: Y
  • NAFTA Preference Criterion: B
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • HS Code: 3402.90.4030