Diversitech 626-15T T-T-Typeime-Delay Fuse, 15 A, Plug Style Body - 16154

Plug Fuses
16154 MFG #: 626-15T
0.00000 / each

Diversitech Time-Delay Fuse, T-Type, 15 A, Plug Style Body Type
  • Features
  • These plugs offer safe protection during momentary overload
  • No adapter necessary
  • Spring loaded design provides superior short-circuit and overload protection
  • Used for air conditioners, furnace blower motors, swimming pool pumps, deep freezers or any circuit where motors frequently turn on and off
  • The type T plug fuse is an industrial strength product and can be used for all commercial applications
  • Heavy duty type T fuses for critical circuit protection
  • It provides superior protection, yet will not open under repeated motor startups
  • Fuses have more time-delay than the medium duty fuses in order to better protect motors and critical residential circuits