Diode LED DI-12V-SE-60W SWITCHEX® 12V Switch/Driver Combo - 60W - 7168

7168 MFG #: DI-12V-SE-60W
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SWITCHEX® combines an LED dimmer switch and low-voltage LED power supply into a single integrated unit. The SWITCHEX Dimmer + Driver accepts 120 VAC and converts it to low-voltage DC, all within a standard electrical box. With power options up to 100W, it is a true evolutionary step forward for power and control of LED applications.

The integrated LED driver that converts 120 VAC to either 12 VDC or 24 VDC. That means this is all you need between your line voltage and low voltage lighting. Best of all, it all fits in a single gang box.

With four different SWITCHEX models, three interchangeable face plate colors are included in each SWITCHEX box allowing customers to choose the look that matches their installation decor. Included face plates are; glossy white, glossy light almond and glossy brown (trim plate not included).

  • Simplifies your LED installation
  • Eliminates compatibility issues between drivers and switches
  • Superior LED dimming performance (100% – 5%)
  • Preset dimmer with on/off switch