Diode LED DI-12V-PS60-120-2009 PURALIGHT® FLEX Sheet, 20x9 inch, 120 Degree Beam Angle, 6000K, Indoor Version - 216424

216424 MFG #: DI-12V-PS60-120-2009
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PURALIGHT LED FLex Sheets is a fully modular way to backlight your display and signage. Easily trim to shape using the on-board trim lines and create complex layouts for most applications. With intuitive, plug and play connections; setting up is fast, simple and safe, reducing installation time and expense. Unlike most backlighting or signage modules, PURALIGHT Flex Sheets use only 2 inches of space behind a piece of transparent artwork or advertisement for diffused lighting despite space restrictions. Full sheets of Puralight are also daisy-chain linkable for larger scale projects with optical options available to increase the spread of light

  • Trim to complex shapes
  • Daisy chain linkable
  • Dense LED array eliminates hot spots
  • 80+ CRI
  • Adhesive backing