OCC Dimmer Sensor - 0-10V Dual Tech Occupancy Sensor Dimmer - White - 227463

227463 MFG #: OSW-D-010-W
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The OSW 0-10V Dual Tech Sensor Dimmer is a 3 in 1 solution that combines functionality of a switchpack, a sensor and a 0-10V dimmer into one wallbox device to help customers save labor costs as well as meet the latest energy codes and standards. The requirements that can be met by a solution incorporating this device include Area Control, Automatic Lighting Shutoff, Manual ON or Partial ON (ASHRAE 90.1 only), Multi-level Lighting Control and Occupancy Sensor Control. This product can be used in Single-pole (one location) as well as 3-Way (multi-location) applications and is aesthetically compatible with Cooper Lighting Solutions' decorator style devices and wallplates.