12" x 20' Corrugated Metal Pipe - Culvert - 37034

37034 MFG #: 12X20QCG
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Corrugated metal pipe has been the drainage pipe of choice for engineers and project specifiers for over 100 years.  With its various coatings, corrugation patterns, and steel thicknesses CMP provides the predictable strength, durability, and value that today’s projects require.  No other pipe material on the market today can match CMP’s versatility and value.  Whether your project has fill heights in excess of 100′, service life requirements of 100 years, or extreme site and environmental considerations-CMP IS THE ANSWER

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CMP provides the durability owners and designers need with a wide choice of manufacturing options depending on the pipes environment and service life.  CMP gives the user a product that has proven strength, a predictable service life of 100 years, and fire resistance at a value that is unmatched.

Galvanized: Hot rolled steel that is coated in zinc to form a 2oz/sq. ft.  protective coating.  The oldest and most economical form of protection, galvanized pipe provides a service life up to 50 years

Aluminized Type 2: Hot rolled steel that is coated in aluminum to form a 1oz/sq. ft. protective coating.  Aluminized CMP provides a service life up to 75 years

Polymer: Galvanized steel that has a 10mil polymeric film laminated to both sides of the steel.  This is the premier protective coating for CMP that offers multiple layers of protection, supreme abrasion resistance, and the ability to withstand the widest range of soil and water environments.  Polymer coated CMP provides a service life up to 100 years.  To read the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association’s studies and reports on the durability and performance of polymer coated steel pipe click on the following: