nVent CADDY Cat HP J-Hook, PG, 3" dia - 110065

Hardware & Supplies
110065 MFG #: CAT48HP
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nVent CADDY Cat HP J-Hooks are the heart of the nVent CADDY Cat HP System. The J-Hooks have a wide base design and smooth beveled edges to provide a large bending radius for current and future high-performance data cables and fibre optics. nVent CADDY Cat HP J-Hooks are available in a wide range of sizes to offer a solution that meets industry standards for Cat 6A and easily accommodates Cat 7, large-diameter fibre optic, innerduct and coax cable. Individual nVent CADDY Cat HP J-Hooks can be fastened directly to the building structure or can be used to expand existing nVent CADDY Cat HP J-Hook cable supports. The J-Hooks are designed to provide a strong and stable pathway support installation.

  • Features
    • Provides optimal support for high-performance data cable, up to and including Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat 7 and fibre optic
    • Rounded edges on J-Hooks provide proper bend radius support for high performance data cables
    • Multiple color options aid in the identification and organization of the pathway application
    • Provides superior fill capacity and load rating over most other non-continuous cable support alternatives
    • Compliant with UL® 2043 and suitable for use in air handling (plenum) spaces
    • Tested according to DIN 4102-12
    • Complies with EN 50174-2
    • Meets ISO®/IEC 14763-2, ANSI®/TIA 568 and ANSI®/TIA 569