One-Bulb Heater, 250W BR40 Infrared Bulb, Not Type IC - 110951

Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality
110951 MFG #: 161
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Trust Broan Bulb Heater/Fans and Bulb Heaters for energy-saving warmth and instant comfort without ever having to touch your central thermostat. These units deliver superior performance and excellent ventilation in a compact package.

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    • Quiet, highly efficient polymeric blower wheels
    • Polymeric dampers prevent backdrafts and eliminate mechanical noise
    • Polymeric 4" round duct connectors with tapered sleeves simplify ducting
    • Operate fan and heater independently or together
    • Attractive white polymeric grilles
    • Compact steel housings with adjustable mounting brackets with keyhole slots that span up to 24"
    • 250 watt R40 or BR40 size infrared bulbs (not included)
    • Type IC, UL Listed for 60°C wiring (retrofits)
    • 162: One-Bulb Heater/Fan
    • 164: Two-Bulb Heater/ Fan, Two-function control (available separately)
    • Infrared bulbs deliver energy-saving warmth
    • Get instant comfort in the bathroom without turning up the central thermostat
    • 250 watt R40/BR40 size infrared bulbs (not included)
    • Attractive, white polymeric grilles
    • Compact steel housings
    • Adjustable mounting brackets with keyhole slots span up to 24"
    • 161: One-Bulb Heater, UL Listed for 75°C wiring
    • 163: Two-Bulb Heater, Type IC