Toto® MS920CEMFG#01 1-Piece Universal Height Toilet, Washlet® G400, Elongated Bowl, 16-1/8 in H Rim, 12 in Rough-In, 0.9/1.28 gpf, Cotton White, Import - 276593

One Piece Toilets
276593 MFG #: MS920CEMFG#01
0.00000 / each

Toto® Universal Height Toilet, 1-Piece, Series: MS920CEMFG, Washlet® G400, 0.9/1.28 gpf Flush, Elongated Bowl, 16-1/8 in Rim Height, 12 in Rough-In, 2-3/4 in Dia Trapway, Floor Mount, Tornado Flush™ Flush, 11-5/8 in Bowl, 15-3/8 in W x 26-15/16 in D x 28-5/8 in H, Plastic/Vitreous China, Cotton White, Import
  • Features
  • Washlet® bidet toilet seat with integrated dual flush toilet
  • Washlet® performs a Premist of bowl before each use to prevent waste from adhering
  • Front and rear warm water washing with five adjustable temperature and pressure controls
  • Oscillating or pulsing stream option
  • Auto open/close lid and seat with temperature control heated seat, warm air dryer and air deodorizer
  • 3D Tornado Flush™ technology, a hole free rim design that features a dual-nozzle bowl cleansing that creates a centrifugal force to clean the bowl more efficiently
  • Combined with CEFIONTECT®™ glaze that gives the bowl a lubricious quality that prevents particles from adhering
  • 2 user memory, illuminated remote control
  • PREMIST- using incoming water supply, a misting of the toilet bowl is performed before each useto help prevent waste from adhering